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Hy-Gain Electronics 18-HT-S Hy-Tower Antenne
Hy-Gain Electronics
Modell: 18-HT-S Hy-Tower
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Antenne
Beschreibung: 10-80 meter vertical antenna
                                    The “Hy-Tower" is an omnidirectional, self-supporting
vertical radiator, which operates on 10 thru 8Q meters. A
160-meter operation is possible with the addition of a
loading coil. The "Hy-Tower" is now supplied with stainless
steel hardware.

The use of stub decoupling systems allows band switching on
10.15.20,40. and 80 meters. The stubs isolate various
sections of the vertical antenna so that an electrical
1/4-wavelength {or odd multiple of 1/4-wavelength) exists on
all bands. On 20 meters, the 80-meter section acts as a
3/4-wave radiator.

The lifting base of the "Hy-Tower” allows the antenna to be
completely assembled on the ground before it is raised into
position. It is light enough for one man to assemble and for
two men to erect.

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