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Kenwood DCS-7020 Oszilloskop
Modell: DCS-7020
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Oszilloskop
Beschreibung: Digital Storage Oscilloscope
                                    With the storage menu and triggering function
concentrated to assure safe use by anyone engaged in
the production and a clear panel layout showing
operations at a glance, the DCS-7000 Series of
oscilloscopes are easy-to-use models even for
beginners in spite of the many, versatile functions
packed in each unit. The maximum sampling rate of 40
MS/s (DCS-7040) enables advanced waveform
observations, and an analog function (50 MHz) is also
incorporated so that each model can play two roles of
digital and analog. Each channel has a 4K-word
acquisition memory. The peak detector and overwriting
functions are provided in pursuit of a compatibility
between the ease of use and the high functionality.
Optional interfaces can also be installed so the
waveforms displayed on the CRT can be hard-copied
on a plotter or a special printer.

(1) Maximum sampling rate of 40 MS/s (DCS-7040; 20 MS/s with
the DCS-7020) allows advanced waveform observations.
(2) 4K-word acquisition memories and 2K-word reference
memories (backed up by a built-in battery) are provided.
(3) The peak detector function can detect glitch with pulse
duration of 25 ns or more.
(4) The overwriting function makes for easy measurements of
jitter, voltage variation, etc.
(5) The external clock input can be used to sample asynchronous
low-speed signals as required.

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