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Leader LCG-396 TV Generator
Modell: LCG-396
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: TV Generator
Beschreibung: NTSC pattern generator
                                    The LCG-396 is a NTSC-M pattern generator designed to
produce standard 75% color bars as well as other test
signals for use in alignment and troubleshooting of video
monitors and feceivers, and video tape recorders.
1. Standard split-field color bars with fully saturated 75%
bars in the upper half, I, Q and 100% white bars in the
lower half.
This signal facilitates simultaneous checks of luminance and
chrominance values. Waveforms given for the video processing
circuits in most VTR service manuals are given for the
standard color-bar signal.
2. Standard sync and blanking intervals, as well as standard
equalizing pulses and serrations permit accurate adjustments
of picture size and VTR servo alignment.
3. Provision for front-panel alterations to setup, luminance
and chrominance levels.
4. Provides standard video levels into a 75 ohm load.
5. Saturated primary-color rasters and white raster for
purity checks without gun killers or altering CRT bias.
6. Dots, crosshatch and single-cross displays for size,
linearity and convergence adjustments.
7. Scope trigger at both H and V rates to simplify scope
8. RF output on channels 5 or 6.
9. Selection of normal interlace or progressive interlace.
The latter minimizes flicker in the horizontal lines of the
convergence patterns.
10. All signals synthesized in digital form and converted to
a standard form by D/A converters.

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