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Hewlett Packard 98034 HP-IB Interface Historischer Computer
Hewlett Packard
Modell: 98034 HP-IB Interface
Datum: 1976
Kategorie: Computer usw.
Gruppe: Historischer Computer
Beschreibung: Interface
                                    The HP98034 HP-IB Interface connects an HP desktop computer
(9825. 9835 or 9845) to the HP Interface Bus. The interface
conforms to the IEEE Standard 488-1978', allowing the
desktop computer to perform a wide variety of operations via
an HP-IB system. The terms computer. desktop computer and
calculator are used interchangeably in this manual, and
refer to an appropriate HP 9800-series computer.

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This manual describes how to install and service the 98034
interface. In addition, a general description of HP-IB
operations is given in the following pages. This manual
replaces the 98034A Interface Manual, 98034-90000. All
previous versions of the 98034A Interface are covered here.

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