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IFR IFR-1900 CSA Option Communications Service Monitor
Modell: IFR-1900 CSA Option
Datum: 1997
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Communications Service Monitor
                                    This manual contains instructions for operating the CSA
option for the IFR-1900 and is intended to be used in
conjunction with the IFR -1900 Operation Manual
(1002-3402-200). The CSA option is a Dual Mode / Tri-Band
Cellular System Analyzer for the IFR-1900 Communication
Service Monitor. The CSA option, referred to as the CSA,
provides the ability to monitor, simulate and test Base and
Mobile Stations utilizing EIA/TIA-553, ΕΪΑ/ΤΙΑ-627 (formerly
IS-54B), IS-136 (Rev. 0) and NT400© protocols.
The CSA, contained within the IFR-1900 , consists of
additional hardware and software necessary to perform the
protocol functions and tests. The CSA is controlled from the
IFR-1900 front panel and color display or remotely through
the rear panel connectors.
CSA Option
The CSA provides the following functions and tests:
• IS -136 Cellular Data Monitor.
• Analog Control Channel Cell Site Simulation.
• IS -13 6 Base Station Digital Traffic Bit- Error Rate test.
® Modulation Accuracy and Power Measurements.
• Digital Control Channel Cell Site Simulation.
• Digital Control Channel Mobile Simulation.
• Self Test, Diagnostics, Configuration Info, External I/O
Setup and a User File System.
The CSA is operated remotely through the rear panel of the
IFR-1900 by means of the following:
• Dedicated RS-232 Connector.
• Additional IEEE-488 address using the IFR-1900 GPIB Connector.
• Additional Test MACro (TMAC) commands for IS -136 protocol
and control.

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