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Dentron DTR-2000L Verstärker
Modell: DTR-2000L
Datum: 1978
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Verstärker
Beschreibung: Linear Amplifier
                                    The DenTron DTR 2000L Linear Amplifier is a conservatively
designed 2000 Watt PEP 160 15 meter amplifier of unique
design. Through years of designing linear amplifiers,
DenTron Radio has greatly simplified the circuitry of the
DTR-2000L, building in years of reliability based on the
experience of our world-famous MLA-2500 series. The
incorporation of a single 8877 (a tube till now used almost
exclusively in broadcasting applications) makes the DTR
2000L a no-compromise unit featuring the most powerful final
tube rating allowed under current FCC regulations . . . 1500
Watts plate dissipation!

The DTR 2000L has been fully tested at the maximum legal
Amateur power limit on all modes; SSB, CW, SSTV, RTTY, as
well as under contest conditions. The unit covers all the
Amateur Bands from 1.8 to 21.450 MHz, along with most MARS
operating frequencies, without modifications. With factory
modifications, the DTR-2000L will operate on any frequency
from 1.8 to 35 MHz, strictly for commercial applications.

A single 8877 external anode ceramic metal triode is used in
the DTR-2000L, operating in grounded grid. A built-in
continuous duty power supply completes the unit, capable of
either 117V or 234V operation, although 234V line voltage is
recommended. Cooling of the unit is accomplished through an
EIMAC specified pressurized chamber and chimney. A vacuum
impregnated power transformer, hi-lo power switching, dual
meters for monitoring plate voltage and current, and modular
construction complete the DTR-2000L package.

Please be certain to completely read this manual before
operating your new DTR 2000L.

U. S. Amateur regulations limit the use of high powered
amplifiers such as the DTR 2000L to licensees of General
Class or higher.

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