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Philips PM 5191 Generator
Modell: PM 5191
Datum: 1987
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Generator
Beschreibung: Programmable synthesizer / function generator 0.
                                    PM 5191 is a cost-effective multifunctional combination of
programmable frequency synthesizer and function generator.
The microprocessor control enables simple and rapid
operation. The actual set up of the generator is
automatically stored in a non volatile register, after power
off and on again these parameters can then be used for a new
instrument setting.
PM 5191 frequency range covers 10 decades, from 0,1 mHz to 2
MHz. And to make working with this high precision instrument
as simple as possible 5 different wave forms are directly
selectable. That includes stadard functions like sine,
square wave, sawtooth and ramps.
High precision and stability are essential factors in this
instrument. With a crystal oscillator that serves as a
reference standard for all generated frequencies, a high
standard of accuracy is achieved. Together with outstanding
long-term stability, ensuring that today's signals can
always be reproduced precisely.
Frequency resolution is 8 digits, so that full advantage can
be taken of the instruments high precision, for example in
the identification and measurement of phenomena occuring at
precisely defined frequencies.
Full IEEE/IEC bus compatibility adds an important extra
dimension to PM 5191 versatility. All functions are remotely
selectable, and all settings and status data can be
transmitted to a remote controller and recalled whenever
Completing its impressive specification, PM 5191 combines
powerful user features with operation that could not be
simpler. The front panel is divided into clear, separate
keypad areas, and two LED displays show together wirh the
key LEDs frequency, output level, status and the modulation
In addition to this manual please find attached an
operating/programming card for short-form operating
instruction of the instrument.
For adequate customer support and in order to facilitate the
service, a test program is built in. Service is done on
component level, so no complete module must be exchanged.

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