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Rheem Manufacturing Co. 3190 Series Tonbandgerät
Rheem Manufacturing Co.
Modell: 3190 Series
Kategorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Gruppe: Tonbandgerät
                                    The 400X, 5000, and 3190 are three motor (including dual
speed hysteresis-synchronous capstan motor), fully
transistorized professional tape recorders, designed to be
used in the studio or out in the field, as their features make
them capable of competing with the highest price console
units, yet their size and weight permit them to be readily
carried to a remote location for on-the-spot broadcast
quality recordings. The self-contained power amplifiers in the
400X and 5000X drive the high-quality monitor speakers and
provide 34 watts peak power per channel to the external
speaker jacks.
The Rheem 3190 series is the studio configuration of the
5000 series. The 3190 series features the tape transport
and electronics used in the 5000 series, but without the
portable case. The 3190 series may be console or rack mounted.
The Rheem 3190 and 5000 series are available as quarter
track stereo, half track mono, and full track mono units,
by the suffix letter of the series number. “S” indicates
quarter track; “H” indicates half track; and “F ” indicates full
track heads.
The 400X, 5000, and 3190 make use of the Crossfield bias
system. This new system of supplying the bias to the
tape permits the recording of high frequencies at tape
speeds heretofore considered too slow for suitable reproduction.
The bias is supplied by a separate head from the back of the
tape and slightly before the tape passes the trailing edge
of the record head gap. Consequently, the higher
frequencies, which are more subject to partial erasure from
the bias
than the lower frequencies, are retained as they are
recorded, yet sufficient bias is applied over the rest of
the record
head gap area to permit undistorted recording of lower
frequencies and a low noise level. The results are
impressive, as
the units are capable of recording and reproducing from 30
cps to 17,000 cps, db 3 db at 33A ips, with a signal-to-noise
ratio of 50 db.

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