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Hustler 4-BTV Antenne
Modell: 4-BTV
Datum: 1975
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Antenne
Beschreibung: four band trap vertical
                                    The Hustler 4-BTV is a four band trap vertical, providing an
omnidirectional pattern. The
4-BTV is designed as a self-supporting vertical to provide
optimum operation, 10 through 40 meters.
This antenna is expressly designed for those installations
with restricted areas.
The Hustler 4-BTV provides electrical selection of bands
through the use of optimum Q traps,
which are individually and precisely tuned and internally
sealed at the Hustler factory. Your
warranty will be null and void if the traps are tampered
with . The traps are parallel tuned circuits
which provide efficient insulation between the vertical
sections,'thus permitting multi-band operation.
Broad band conditions over the entire ham band and very low
SWRs are possible, when installed
properly. The 75 meter operation is provided when the Super
Hustler RM -7 5 -S is installed on the
top of the 4-BTV.
The Hustler 4-BTV was designed to provide optimum
performance from both an electrical
and mechanical standpoint. Mechanically, this antenna boasts
a heavy duty base and heavy duty
aluminum tubing. The mechanical assembly is accomplished
with all stainless steel clamps. The
use of these clamps permits readjustment at a later date if
necessary, and permits individual peaking
of each band, if so desired. The mechanical construction is
such that guying is rrot ordinarily
needed or desired. If the 75 meter resonator is attached to
the 4-BTV, under extreme conditions,
it may be desirable to guy the antenna above the 20 meter
trap with small diameter polypropylene rope.

The electrical performance provided by the Hustler 4-BTV is
considerably improved over
any other antenna of this type. Broad banding is such that
only one measurement is provided, which
permits operation over the entire ham band. Separate
settings for phone and CW are not necessary.
The antenna provides a nominal 52 ohm base impedance when
installed and tuned according to
instructions. The radiation efficiency is equivalent to, or
greater than, other trap verticals.

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