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Marantz 26 Receiver
Modell: 26
Kategorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Gruppe: Receiver
Beschreibung: AM/FM Stereo Receiver
                                    The Marantz Model Twenty-six is an all solid-state AM/FM
stereo receiver. The circuitry of the Model 26 includes one
1C» one FET, 38 transistors, and 28 diodes—a total of 68
solid-state devices. A tuner, preamplifier, and power
amplifier make up the three basic components mounted on a
single chassis and sharing a common power supply. Internal
connections between these components have been designed to
provide optimum performance from each component while
retaining the full flexibility of separate units. The
extraordinary flexibility of the Model 26 allows the
connection of loudspeakers, headphones, a turntable and
record changer, an additional tuner (such as AM/FM), a TV
sound source, and tape recorder for recording and playback.
Its flexibility will allow other connections to be made for
special applications. Its performance is the equal of the
finest separate component system of comparable power.

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