Geräte Informationen:

Fluke 80T-150U Tastkopf
Modell: 80T-150U
Datum: 1986
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Tastkopf
Beschreibung: Universal Temperature Probe
                                    The Model 80T-150U Universal Temperature Probe is a self-
contained tem peratu re-to-voltage converter. The probe is
designed to provide a direct temperature reading when it is
connected to any high impedance DMM that is capable of 1 mV
resolution and at least a 300-count full scale readout
capability. Output is I mV per degree (Celsius or
Fahrenheit). Two switch-selected temperature output scalings
are provided: -50 to +150°C or -58 to +302° F. The probe
will stand off 350V dc or peak ac.
The unit is housed in two separate but attached assemblies:
a temperature probe and a temperature-to-voltage converter.
The probe contains the temperature-sensing element and is
electrically connected to the tem peratu re-to-voltage
converter through a 46- inch shielded cable. A
three-position switch on the converter acts as a power
switch and is used for selecting Celsius or Fahrenheit
scaling for the output. Two banana plugs with standard
0.75-inch spacing are provided for connecting the 80T-150U
to the DMM,
Operating power for the 80T-150U is derived from a standard
9V battery. Typically, an alkaline battery provides more
than 1600 hours of continuous operation before replacement
is necessary. An OFF switch is provided on the
temperature-to-voltage converter to allow battery
conservation when the unit is notin use. In addition,the OFF
position of the power switch allows the battery condition to
be determined via the external DMM.
Temperature is measured by exposing the probe tip directly
to the material to be measured (non-corrosive liquid, gas,
or solid). A direct temperature reading is displayed on the DMM.

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