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Fluke PM 6666 Zähler
Modell: PM 6666
Datum: 1998
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Zähler
Beschreibung: Programmable Timer / Counter
                                    The PM6666 and PM6669 are
economical, easy-to-use
counters that meet the demands
for high-precision
measurements, reliability and
durability. The units use reciprocal
frequency counting,
which yields high resolution
measuring results under all
conditions, even on low
frequency measurements. The
high performance counter frontends,
providing variable
sensitivity and noise immunity
increase measuring accuracy.
Accuracy can be further
improved with the optional high
stability MTCXO TimeBase, that
offers a stability of
2 x 10-7 (0°C to 50°C),
comparable to that of an oven
stabilized oscillator. The
counters have high input
protection, allowing it to
withstand inputs of 12V rms on
the optional
50½ RF input and 350V (dc+ac
peak) on the 1 M½ LF input.
PM 6669 Frequency Counter
The multi-function PM 6669 offers
next to frequency measurements
also period, count totalization,
ratios, pulsewidth and frequency
difference measurements,
functions normally found only in
more expensive timer / counters.
This counter can be used on the
test bench or for field service. It
has a full
9-digit display, to allow complete
presentation of measuring results.
When less accurate measurements
are made, blanking of irrelevant
display digits makes it easy to
read results.

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