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Fluke 8508A Digital Multimeter
Modell: 8508A
Datum: 2002
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Digital Multimeter
Beschreibung: Reference Multimeter
                                    The Fluke 8508A has been designed specifically
for metrologists. Not only does it provide the
performance metrologists need, but it is specified
in a way to allow users to really understand the
uncertainties of the measurements, and easily
make allowance for those uncertainty contributions
when performing measurement uncertainty
analyses and compiling uncertainty budgets.
Contemporary metrology practices, including
ISO 17025 based laboratory accreditation
schemes, require uncertainty analysis to be
performed in accordance with the statistically
based techniques described in the ISO Guide to
the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement
(often referred to as the 'GUM'). For convenience,
the 8508A specifications are quoted at a coverage
factor of k=2, equivalent to a confidence level of
approximately 95 %, as required by these
methods. Specifications are also provided at a
confidence level of 99 %.

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Extended Specifications

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This Service Manual provides the information necessary to
maintain the Multimeter at a
module (or board) level. A brief description of the
information contained in the various
chapters follows:
Chapter 1 Introduction and Specification provides a brief
description of the product,
safety information regarding the product and its use, and a
complete set of detailed
Chapter 2 Theory of Operation provides an overall functional
description of the internal
workings of the Multimeter. The intent of the theory is to
aid in locating and isolating a
faulty PCA.
Chapter 3 Calibration and Verification provides a thorough
and complete description of
both the Verification and the Calibration procedures for the
Chapter 4 Maintenance provides detailed descriptions of how
to disassemble the
Multimeter to the PCA level. The purpose of the descriptions
is to assist with equipment
repairs at the PCA level.
Chapter 5 List of Replaceable Parts provides all of the
information required to identify
and order replacement parts for repairing the Multimeter at
the PCA level.

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