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Tektronix P6201 Tastkopf
Modell: P6201
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Tastkopf
Beschreibung: 900 MHz FET Probe
                                    The P6201 is an active (FET) probe providing unity gain and
DC to 900 MHz bandwidth. The low input-capacitance of the
probe permits coupling of high-frequency signals to an
oscilloscope input with minimum loading on the circuit under
test. Plug-on attenuator heads provide higher input
resistance, reduced input capacitance, and attenuation of
the signal. Effective DC offset range is also increased when
using an attenuator head.
The P6201 is designed primarily for use with TEKTRONIX
7000-Series, 475, or 485 Oscilloscopes, but may be used with
50-ohm sampling instruments and conventional oscilloscopes
(with 1 ΜΩ input resistance). The internal 50-ohm
termination may be switched in or out to adapt the probe
output to either 1-megohm or 50-ohm inputs.
The probe includes a locking-type BNC connector which
provides scale-factor readout information to instruments
having the readout capability. The 10X and 100X attenuator
heads also couple readout information to the instrument via
the output connector.
The P6201 may be powered from the probe power output of the
7500, 7700, and 7900-Series Mainframes, the 475 and 485
Oscilloscopes, or by the 1101 Accessory Power Supply.

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