Geräte Informationen:

Tektronix 485 Oszilloskop
Modell: 485
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Oszilloskop
                                    350 MHz at 5 mV/div 1 ns/div Sweep Rate
2.0 div/ns Writing Speed 1 MΩ & 50 Ω Input Impedances Input
Protection 50 Ω Internal Automatic Deflection Factor Readout
Pushbutton Ext Trigger View Battery Operation (Optional)
Weighs »9.5 kg (21 lb)

At just 21 pounds, the 1 ns/div, dual-trace, 350 MHz 485
oscilloscope is highly compatible with today's increasing
technology. Fast
2.0 div/ns writing speed makes it especially attractive for
use in field research environments.
The 485 features a wide bandwidth at its full 5 mV/div
vertical sensitivity (350 MHz at 50 Ω and 250 MHz at 1 ΜΩ).
Selectable input impedance provides the capability to
measure low and high impedance points with the same scope
and without active probes.
Internal detection circuitry protects the 50 Ω input by
automatically disconnecting when the signal exceeds
approximately 50 V RMS.
You no longer have to mentally compensate for attenuating
probes. Automatic vertical scale-factor readout is provided
by three light-emitting diodes located around the edge of
each input attenuator knob. A quick glance tells the correct
on-screen V/div when the recommended 10X or 100X probes are
You always know exactly where you are in a pulse train when
making a delayed sweep measurement. An alternate sweep mode
allows the delayed sweep to appear alternately with the
intensified main sweep. In this mode, you can view the
intensified zone and the delayed display simultaneously.
The external trigger signal can be easily viewed on the 485.
A front-panel pushbutton automatically routes the external
signal used to trigger time base A to the vertical
deflection amplifier. This feature can also be used to
quickly make time comparisons between the signal of interest
and the external trigger signal.
On the 485, focus is always correct for single-shot
photography. An autofocus circuit eliminates the need to
readjust the focus each time the intensity is changed.
When commercial power is not available, use the 1105 Battery
Power Supply. It weighs only 19.5 pounds, and lets you take
the high-per- formance 485 virtually anywhere.

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