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Simpson 653 Analog Multimeter
Modell: 653
Datum: 1959
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Analog Multimeter
Beschreibung: AC Ammeter Adapter
                                    The Simpson AC Ammeter Adapter Model 653 is a compact,
accurate, wide-range instrument. When it is used in
conjunction with a Simpson 260* or 270 Multimeter, AC
currents can be measured over a frequency range of 50 to
3000 cycles per second. This wide frequency range in general
exceeds commercial and military power frequency requirements.
The Simpson VOM-plus-adapter concept is completely unique in
approach and versatility. Each of the adapter models, of
which the AC Ammeter is but one example, provides specific
measurement and testing capabilities at a fraction of the
cost normally required for separate testers.

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