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Wavetek 20 Generator
Modell: 20
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Generator
Beschreibung: 2 MHz Function Generator
                                    • Multiple Power Operation
• 0.002 Hz to 2.1 MHz Frequency Range
• Triggered and Gated Modes
• 20 Volt Peak-to-Peak Output with Protection
• TTL Pulse Output

Wide Frequency Range
Wavetek’s Model 20 covers a wide 0.002 Hz to 2.1 M Hz
frequency span in seven overlapping ranges. Each multiplier
setting gives you a full 1000:1 frequency range. Frequency
may be set with the calibrated dial or externally modulated
or swept over the three decades available per range.
Triggered and Gated Waveforms
Triggered and gated modes give the
instrument additional flexibility. In triggered mode, the
output is a dc baseline until a manual or external signal
initiates a single cycle of the selected waveform. Gated
mode is similar to triggered except that the generator
produces a burst of waveform cycles for the duration of the
external triggering signal.
Output Protection
Model 20 produces high level outputs to 20 volts
peak-to-peak (10V p-p
into 600Ω termination). Attenuation isOdB, -20 dB or -40 dB
selectable with 20 dB variable for a total 80 dB of
amplitude range. The function output is fuse protected
against accidental connection to power line potentials.
Multiple Power Operation
The generator operates directly from the line using external
transformer/ battery charger, from an external dc or ac
source, or internally from Nicad batteries. (Batteries not

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