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Wavetek TC-253A Konverter
Modell: TC-253A
Datum: 2000
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Konverter
Beschreibung: Temperature Converter Temperature Converter
                                    GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS
This Temperature Converter conforms to the
temperature/voltage tables of the National
Bureau of Standards and to the IEC 584 Standards for K-type.
1. Temperature Scale: Celsius or Fahrenheit user selectable.
2. Input: Single K-type thermocouple.
3. Output to Meter: 1mVdc per ºC or ºF.
4. Measurement Range: -50ºC to 1000ºC – (-58ºF to 1832ºF).
5. Low Battery Indication: if the reading is less than 7.1V.
6. Temperature Coefficient: 0.15 x (specified accuracy) /
ºC, (<18ºC or >28ºC).
7. Power Requirements: Standard 9V battery, NADA 1604, JIS
006P, or IEC6F22
8. Battery Life: Alkaline 300 hours.
9. Dimensions: 122mm(L) x 46mm(W) x 30mm(D).
10. Weight (including battery): 114 grams.
11. Accessories: K-type bead thermocouple, battery
(installed), operators manual.

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