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Wavetek SSI-3000B Test Set
Modell: SSI-3000B
Datum: 1983
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Test Set
Beschreibung: Service Monitor
                                    The Wavetek Model SSI-3000B is a compact, lightweight
Service Monitor for testing FM and AM transceivers. Its low
(25 lb) weight and optional inverter permit use in the
field, powered by a vehicle battery.
The frequency range is 400 kHz to 1000 MHz in 100 Hz steps.
An audio synthesizer permits generation of subaudible tones
and timed tone bursts. In receive mode, an internal counter
displays frequency error, modulation frequency, or received
sub-audible tone frequency. RF voltage level Is continuously
variable from 0.03 μΝ/RMS to 316 mVRMS.
An internal CRT display shows modulation waveform and
relative signal strength. A meter reads modulation, SINAD
(using the internal 1 kHz tone source), audio input voltage,
or RF power from 1 to 100 W. The internal load eliminates
the possibility of damage from accidental keying.
The meter and CRT both display the same information,
including SINAD, noise and distortion; however, only the
meter indicates power, and only the CRT indicates relative
signal strength.

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General Information
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Specifications
1.3 Options
1.4 Accessories
Preparation for Use
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Unpacking and Inspection
2.3 Pre-turn On
2.4 Power Requirements
2.5 Environmental Considerations
2.6 Installing the Inverter
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Front Panel Description
3.4 Initial Turn-On
3.5 RF Generator with Single-Source FM
3.6 RF Sweep
3.7 RF Generate with Multiple Source FM
3.8 RF Generate with AM
3.9 SINAD Measurements
3.10 AC Voltmeter
3.11 RF Wattmeter
3.12 CRT FM/AM Measurements
3.13 Lissajous
3.14 Relative Signal Strength
3.15 Auto Calibration
Theory of Operation
4.1 Overall
4.2 A10 Front Panel Board
4.3 A11 Frequency Control Board
4.4 A3 High Frequency Synthesizer
4.5 A2 Low Frequency Synthesizer
4.6 A1 Mixer Board
4.7 A4 IF Amplifier
4.8 A5 Audio Board
4.9 A7 Deflection Board
4.10 Miscellaneous Board
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Service and Maintenance Information
5.3 Performance Tests/Calibration
5.4 Troubleshooting
*** Performance Test Record
Replaceable Parts
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Manufacturers Code *** Parts Lists
Schematics Application Data Performance Data Manual

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