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Wavetek 193 Generator
Modell: 193
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Generator
Beschreibung: 20 MHz Sweep/ Modulation Generator
                                    • 0.002 Hz to 20 MHz Frequency Range
• Independent Auxiliary Function Generator for AM, FM and
Sweep Operation
• Static Setting of Modulation Parameters
• 30 Volt Peak-to-Peak Output

Waveforms: Selectable sine, triangle, square.
AM sine and dc.
Symmetry: From 1:10 tο 19:1.
Operational Modes: Continuous, triggered and gated.
Frequency Range: 0.0(12 Hz lo 20 MHz. Function Output: 30
Vp-p (15 Vp-p into 50Q).
5052 source impedance.
DC Output and DC Offset: Adjustable between ±15 Vdc (±7.5
Vdc into 50 Ω) with signal peak plus dc offset limited to ±
15 Vdc (±7.5 Vdc into 50Ω).
Func Sync Output: TTL level pulse into 50Ω. GCV Output: 0 lo
+5V open circuit voltage level
propoitioncj] lo main generator frequency, Π00Ώ
source impedance.
AM—Amplitude Modulation: External signal at AM IN (or
external plus AUX GEN signal if Al JX
GEN AM selected) amplitude modulates main generator sine in
selectable 0 to 100% AM or suppressed carrier modes.
AM Input: 5 Vp-p gives 100% modulation: 10 Vp-p gives
suppressed carrier operation. G0OQ iuput impedance.
Carrier Level (0 to 100% AM): Adjustable 10 to 50% ot full
amplitude at function output. Carrier Null (Suppressed
Carrier AM):
Adjustable ±2% of full amplitude at function output.
VCG—Voltage Controlled Generator: I p to
1000:1 frequency change with external 0 to ±.5V signal.
Upper frequency limited to max. of range. Slew Rate: 2% of
range per μς.
Linearity:±0.5% through x100K range: ±5%. on xlM and xlOM.
Impedance: 10 kS2
Trigger Inpnt
Input Range: 1 Vp-p lo ±10V.
Trigger Level Adj: -5V to +5V
Impedance: 1.5 kQ shunted by 1.5 pp. Pulse Width: 25 ns minimum,

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