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Wavetek 175 Generator
Modell: 175
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Generator
Beschreibung: Arbitrary Waveform Generator
                                    Generate Custom Waveforms
The new Wavetek Model 175 gives you the solution for your
complex waveform problems. This programmable Arbitrary
Waveform Generator lets you custom tailor your own
waveforms. Any waveform that can be drawn can be entered
into this new instrument and then generated as an output.
This new concept in signal generation stores waveforms as
digital points on a 256 by 255 data grid. These points are
sampled by a crystal-controlled clock at selectable times up
to 200 nanoseconds. You can also vary the amplitude with 3
digit resolution up to a full 20 volt peak-to-peak output.
You can easily enter your data in any one of four RAM
memories by the front panel keyboard or the General Purpose
Interface Bus (GPIB). You enter the data for each
change-of-slope location, and the internal microprocessor
connects the points. 

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