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Philips VAE8020 DVD Mechanismus
Modell: VAE8020
Datum: 2003
Kategorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Gruppe: DVD Mechanismus
Beschreibung: DVD-Video Recorder, DVD+RW Basic Engine
                                    VAE8015/VAE8020 functionality:
• Loading of 8 cm and 12 cm discs by a motorized tray
• Disc type recognition and in case of a DVD+RW disc laser
power calibration
• Servo control for disc rotation, sledge movements, tilt,
focus and actuator position
• EFM+ encoding / decoding for DVD, and EFM decoding for
• Writes and read DVD+RW discs and reads DVD, CD and
CD-R/RW discs
• Linking control, header insertion and sector number
updating at record
• Interfacing to the MPEG back-end (S2B) for control and
(I2S and V4) for data
• The back-end has to provide MPEG data processing, data
buffering, construction
• of logical format for Lead-in, Data area and Lead-out part
of the DVD+RW dis

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