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Wiltron 9041 Test Set
Modell: 9041
Datum: 1989
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Test Set
Beschreibung: Transmission Level and Return Loss Measuring Set
                                    1.01 The WILTRON Model 9041 Transmission Level and Return
Loss Measuring Set (see Figure 1-1) fulfills or exceeds the
requirements of Western Electric Specification KS 20501 for
Through and Terminal Balance of all classes of telephone
offices. The Model 9041 incorporates in one instrument the
means to measure transmission level, receive frequency
response, echo return loss and singing return loss on 4-wire
or 2-wire, 600 ohm or 900 ohm circuits. These features
permit measurements of loss and balance that meet Bell
System, USITA and CCITT specifications,

(&) Measuring Features

The Model 9041 Measuring Set pro’-vides transmission level
measurements from +12dBm to ~48dBm on both 600 and 900 ohm
incoming and outgoing trunks over a bandpass of 200Hz to
5kHz. Echo return loss (ERL) and singing return loss
(SRL) (high and low) measurements from -lOdB (10dB return
gain) to 50dB are provided, Trans-hybrid loss correction of
up to 30.8dB in 0.2dB steps is provided for 4-wire return
loss measurements* Unused trans-hybrid correction ranges may
also be used to correct +7 or -16dB point levels at VFFB's
(voice frequency patching bays) or to extend return loss
range beyond 50dB on 4-wire circuits. The meter scale and
panel controls are marked in red for level measurements and
black for return loss measurements.
1.03	The Model 9041 measuring set provides on/off hook
reverse battery

loop supervision control and supervision indicator lamps for
both incoming and outgoing trunk circuits. Decade network
buildout (NBO) and drop buildout (DBO) capacitors are
provided in the case lid. With these capacitors, the set
alone may closely simulate the Office Balance Test Hybrid
circuit (Code 970) in 2~wire offices. Tests and several
years of use in many offices indicate that this simulation
is acceptable for practical circuit order Terminal Balance
tests in offices meeting cross office resistance requirements.

1.04	A capacitive ac short circuit is available in the case
lid of the

Model 9041. This enables holding a working trunk being
tested and at the same time checking or measuring short
circuit transhybrid loss on the set or the external trunk
hybrid without inadvertently causing release of the trunk.
The case lid is detachable to allow its use as a precision
decade capacitor and ac short during DBO and NBO
adjustments, Through Balance measurements and office
balancing operations.

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This manual provides operation instructions for the Model
9041 Transmission Level and Return Loss Measuring Set
manufactured by WILTRON Company, Mtn. View, California.

The material in the manual is divided into three general
sections as described below.

Section I contains an overall description of the equipment,
including performance

Section II contains operation information.

Section III contains performance verification procedures.

Maintenance instructions for the Model 9041 are provided in
a separate manual.

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