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Yaesu FR-DX-400 Receiver
Modell: FR-DX-400
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Receiver
Beschreibung: Communication Receiver
                                    The model FR-DX-400 Communication Reciver together with its
accessories is designed to be used for SSB, CW, AM or FM
reception on amateur bands in the frequency range from 1.6
Mc to 148 Mc. A citizen band (27 Mc) may also be covered as
well as WWV.

Basically, it is a double conversion superheterodyne (triple
conversion for VHF bands) receiver employing crystal
controlled high frequency oscillators, highly stable
variable oscillator tuning the same range linearly on all
bands and for selectivity, the MECHANICAL FILTERs and
T-notch filter at the 455 Kc IF stage.

A precise instrument type double gear driven dial together
with an adjustable scale on the main tuning dial knob
provides easy and accurate frequency readings on all bands
within approximately 1 Kc.

The receiver provides a wide variety of operations, such as
rejection tuning, slow/fast AVC time constants, squelch
circuit, crystal controlled operation, monitor circuit, and
a 100 Kc./25 Kc calibrator.

The receiver can be used as a transceiver in conjunction
with our FL-DX-SSB Transmitter.

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