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Yamaha K-2000 Kasettenspieler
Modell: K-2000
Datum: 1982
Kategorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Gruppe: Kasettenspieler
Beschreibung: Natural Sound Stereo Cassette Deck
Natural Sound Stereo Cassette Decks
Yamaha Linear EM Transduction System
ORBiT (Optimum Record Bias Tuning) System
3-Head 2-Motor Direct Drive Transport
Double dbx** and Double Dolby* B Noise Reduction (K-2000)
dbx and Dolby B Noise Reduction (K-1000)
Auto/Memory Functions
4-Digit Linear Real-Time Counter with Minus Display

The K-2000 and K-1000 Natural Sound Stereo Cassette Decks
from Yamaha are unquestionably destined to become the
cassette reproduction standard for quite some time. That’s
because they are thoroughly equipped with uncompromising
technology. A combination of “spare-no-cost” engineering and
innovative Yamaha design has resulted in literally amazing
performance. Moreover, both these decks are highly
automated—thanks to built-in microcomputers—providing an
extensive range of features that are simple to use. Unlike
many decks that compare in price with the K-2000 and K-1000,
however, the features provided are all practical and highly
Briefly, the K-2000 and K-1000 incorporate a specially
designed two-motor, direct drive transport mechanism for
smooth, silent precision, and a three-head reproduction
system. Both decks also employ a new Yamaha breakthrough
Linear Electromagnetic Transduction. This new system extends
high signal transmission linearity to the actual point where
the signal is transferred from the head to the tape—a
previously uncontrollable area in the recording chain. Then
there are double dbx and Dolby B noise reduction systems in
the K-2000 and single dbx and Dolby B NR in the K-1000,
ORBiT (Optimum Record Bias Tuning) for automatic, precise
bias level setting, a 4-digit linear real-time counter,
expanded-range LED level metering with peak hold, a number
of auto/memory functions, and more. The K-2000 additionally
features a unique “monitoring erase” function and a
broad-range pitch control.
The K-2000 is truly a professional cassette deck and the
K-1000 outperforms any other deck in its class both are
truly outstanding accomplishments in the field of audio
reproduction. With them, Yamaha welcomes you to an exciting
new experience in natural sound.

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