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WRL Electronics Globe Trotter Transmitter
WRL Electronics
Modell: Globe Trotter
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Transmitter
                                    The Globe Trotter incorporates the new hot cathode Xtal
oscillator circuit which allows complete band coverage from
10 to 80 meters using only a 40 or 60 meter Xtal. A keying
Jack in the cathode of the oscillator allows break in
operation on GW. The cathode coil switch, now serves to
switch one of three different Xtals into the osc grid and
the Band Switch serves to switch one of three sets of coils
into the osc and final plate circuits. One of the power
supplies is used for the final and modulators while the
other supplies the Osc, speech and driver stages. The speech
stage is conventional and allows the use of a Xtal or high
impedance dynamic mic. The driver is connected in parallel
as are the modulators and will supply sufficient modulation
to the final stage,

Provisions have been made for an Antenna changeover relay
and for remote operation of the transmitter which is
explained in the tuning procedure.

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