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Torrestronics, Inc. TK-1 Frequenzzähler
Torrestronics, Inc.
Modell: TK-1
Datum: 1983
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Frequenzzähler
Beschreibung: Universal Digital Frequency Readout
                                    Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a Universal Digital Frequency Readout unit. This unit was specially designed to give you many years of trouble-free service; no cuts in the quality of components were made, and the power supply is rated for twice the load of the TK-1. If your unit is in Kit form, please follow the instructions very carefully both for the assembly work and for operating your unit.

The printed circuit boards used in our products are of the highest possible quality; except for the oscillator board, the main logic board and the display board have plated through holes. The boards(all) are then reflowed with solder; such action makes soldering to the board a pleasure since the solder flows very easy.

The boards are l/l6 inch thick and made of FR4(epoxy glass, similar to the Military grade of G-10). Paper-based boards were not used because they warp under high humidity conditions.

If you purchased the WTK-1, wired and tested version of the TK-1,.your unit was calibrated at the factory by a high caliber standard. Mating the unit to any receiver or transceiver should be done using RF type shielded cable( RG-17^ or similar) since in some receivers, frequencies up to ⅛0 MHZ. are transmitted through such cable. DO NOT use audio/microphone cable normally available at different Electronic stores for conneoting speakers or similar items; this type of cable has a very high capacitance thus at high frequencies represents a short for RF signals. Another side effect, if you use audio cable is higher susceptibility for picking up stray R.F. from your transmitter or linear amplifier.

The Digital Frequency Readout unit is intended to augment your present receiver or transceiver; it is not going to give you a more stable receiver. With the readout, you should be able to see or appreciate the present accuracy of the receiver; you will also be able to tune more accurately since most receivers do not have 100 HZ. resolution dials.

We have tried to give you in this manual most of the information available for this product; some of it will be of your interest, and some will help you out in case of difficulties or troubleshooting. If for any reason, you do not find the answer to your problem in this manual, please let us know and we will try to give you all the help needed to solve your problem. These units are fabricated by Hams for fellow Hams so your interests are well represented.

Enjoy it.

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Assembly and Operating Manual

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Mating Instructions


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