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Tektronix 5A14N
Modell: 5A14N
Datum: 1987
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Beschreibung: Four Channel Amplifier
                                    The 5A14N Four Channel Amplifier is a general-purpose
plug-in unit (refer to current Tektronix Products Catalog for
compatible mainframe information). The unit contains
independent amplifier channels with identical characteristics,
and features solid-state circuitry and simplicity of
operation. The VOLTS/DIV knob skirts are lighted to
provide a direc^t readout of calibrated deflection factor either
with or without a probe. Any channel may be used to
produce a single-channel display. All channels may be displayed
alternately, or channel 4 and 3 may be alternated
with 2 and 1 to produce four displayed channels. While
designed primarily for use as a vertical amplifier, the unit can
be operated in conjunction with the horizontal deflection
system of the oscilloscope for X-Y displays.

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