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Tektronix 2445/2465 OPTION 05
Modell: 2445/2465 OPTION 05
Datum: 1983
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Beschreibung: TV Option
                                    The TEKTRONIX 2445 and 2465 Oscilloscopes with Option
05 (TV Option) have additional hardware and software
features to simplify triggering and viewing of television
The option adds TV (back-porch) clamp circuitry to the
Channel 2 input and TV trigger coupling modes are provided,
allowing a user to select either horizontal or vertical
sync pulses to obtain horizontal-line-sync or field-sync pulse
triggering. This option permits the user to trigger on a
line number within a TV field and provides sync polarity
switching for either sync-negative or sync-positive composite
video signals.

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