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Tektronix AFG3000 Series Generator
Modell: AFG3000 Series
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Generator
Beschreibung: Arbitrary/Function Generators

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This manual provides instructions to verify the performance
of, calibrate,
troubleshoot, and repair the arbitrary/function generators
to the module level.
Unless noted otherwise, the term “AFG3000 Series” refers to
the models in the
AFG3011, AFG3021B, AFG3022B, AFG3101, AFG3102, AFG3251, and
AFG3252 arbitrary/function generators.
The manual consists of the following sections:
- Specifications contains a description of the
arbitrary/function generator and the
characteristics that apply to it.
- Operating Information includes general information and
- Theory of Operation contains circuit descriptions that
support service to the
module level.
- Performance Verification contains procedures for
confirming that the
arbitrary/function generator functions properly and meets
warranted limits.
- Adjustment Procedures contains information that you need
to manually adjust
the arbitrary/function generator so that it meets
- Maintenance contains information and procedures for
performing preventive
and corrective maintenance of the arbitrary/function
generator. These
instructions include cleaning, module removal and
installation, and fault
isolation to the module.
- Diagrams contains interconnection diagrams.
- Replaceable Parts List includes a table of all replaceable
modules, their
descriptions, and their Tektronix part numbers.

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