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Denon DN-A7100 Verstärker
Modell: DN-A7100
Datum: 2006
Kategorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Gruppe: Verstärker
                                    The DN-A7100 incorporates the latest generation of
digital surround sound decoding technology such as
Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital, DTS-ES (Discrete
6.1 and Matrix 6.1), DTS Neo:6 (Cinema, Music),
Dolby Pro-Logic IIx (Movie, Music and Game), Circle
Surround II (Cinema and Music).
In addition, DENON has focused on the future.
By utilizing pre-out jacks, 7.1 direct inputs and a
RS-232C communication port, the DN-A7100 is
tomorrow’s technology, today!
The DN-A7100 incorporates the most advanced
Digital Signal Processing circuitry, along with a
Crystal® 192 kHz/24 bit D/A converter in each of
the 7 channels. Independent power supply circuits
are incorporated for the FL display, audio and
video sections for maximum separation, clarity
and dynamic range. Together with hand-selected
customized components, all elements work in
harmony to recreate the emotion, exactly as the artist
had intended.
The DN-A7100 is designed and engineered with
extensive feedback from custom installation experts,
dealers and consumers. It features multisource,
a RS-232C communication port and an extensive
array of both analog and digital inputs / outputs. With
6 assignable digital inputs (including Front Aux), 3
assingnable component inputs, SACD Multi Channel
(7.1 channel) direct inputs video convert system
and OSD output versatility is taken to a stunning
new level. Furthermore, the DN-A7100 can output
the OSD information through the Y/C (S-video) and
composite video outputs.
An easy-to-use universal remote control allows full
access to all of the operating functions.
This unit has Simple Setup function for easy setup.
You can setup all speaker settings by just selecting
your room size and the number of your speakers with
Simple Setup function. You can also setup customized
settings just like conventional AV amplifi ers.
• Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital ,
DTS ES (Discrete 6.1, Matrix 6.1, Neo: 6)
• Dolby Pro Logic IIx (Movie, Music, Game)
• Circle Surround II (Movie, Music, Mono)
• HDCD decording
• 192 kHz/24 bit Crystal® DAC for all 8 Channels
• 32 bit Digital Surround Processing Chipsets
• Video Off Mode
• RS-232C Terminal for System Control
• Set Up Menu via all Video Output (Composite, SVideo
and Component video)
• Auto Input Signal Detection
• Improved Station Name Input Method, 50 Presets
• Auto Adjust Function for Speaker Distance Settings
(Delay Time)
• XLR type Balanced Audio Input (AUX Input)
• Remote control
• Simple Setup Function
• Video convert system
• LIP.SYNC Funciton (Audio delay)
• XLR type Balanced Audio Output

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