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AVO AVOMETER Mk II Analog Multimeter
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Analog Multimeter
                                    The meter is supplied complete with a pair of special
rubber-covered leads which are intended for attachment to
the AvoMeter by means of its non-loss terminals. The remote
ends of the leads are fitted with spring clips, which may be
interchanged with either the push-on type prod or the “ AVO
” Long Reach Safety Clip, both of which are located upon the
battery box cover of the instrument.
The “ AVO ” Long Reach Safety Clip has been introduced to
enable connections for test purposes to be made at what are
normally inaccessible points on a chassis. Examination of
the safety clip will show that it is completely insulated
with the exception of the jaws at one end, which can be
opened by compressing the stem into the body of the clip.
Rigid connections to wiring can thus be made by this
insulated device in complicated wiring systems where other
types of larger clip could not be attached, or if fixed
might cause short circuits.
All tests, except those on the 2,500V. ranges, make use of
the pair of terminals at the base of the instrument.
The meter is extremely simple to use, range selection in
general being accomplished by means of two switch knobs.
A clearly marked 5" scale has uniformly divided graduations
to match 100 and 250 scale markings, and in addition there
is an ohms scale and one for decibels. An anti-parallax
mirror permits readings of the knife edge pointer to be made
with great precision.

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