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Sencore TF46 Test Set
Modell: TF46
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Test Set
Beschreibung: Portable Super Cricket Transistor/FET Tester
The transistor is one of the most common active electronic
in use today. The number of transistors used outnumbers tubes,
as well as integrated circuits in most types of electronic
design, including
home entertainment, industrial, and maintenance equipment. A
high-accuracy, easy-to-use transistor tester th a t allows
both in- and
out-of-circuit transistor testing can make any technician
more efficient
in troubleshooting today’s solid-state circuits.
The TF46 Portable Super Cricket provides the Sencore patented
Cricket Gain test, which allows in- or out-of-circuit
Good/Bad testing
of transistor gain. No basing information is required, as
all possible
basing combinations are tested with a rotation of the
Permutator test
switch. This test is backed up with the Super Cricket
Parameter Test
for determining the engineering parameters of tran s is to
rs for
matched push-pull circuits, critical gain circuits, and
transistor design
All six transistor leakage paths are tested for locating
transistors th a t
are ju s t starting to go bad. A special Ids s leakage test
is also available
for grading FETs. In addition to these tests, the TF46 will
complete basing information of an unknown transistor to allow a
replacement transistor to be chosen when no cross-reference
is available, or to tes t a transistor in-circuit to be sure
it is
installed properly. An exclusive Auto-Off circuit saves
batteries by
turning the TF46 off automatically-even if the power switch
is left on.

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Operation, Application and Maintenance Manual

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