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Anritsu 560-7XXX Interface
Modell: 560-7XXX
Datum: 2000
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Interface
Beschreibung: RF Detector
                                    The ANRITSU Series 560-7XXX and 5400-71XXX
RF Detectors use zero-biased Schottky diodes and
have a measurement range of –55 dBm to +16 dBm.
The detectors are used with the Model 56100A and
562 Scalar Network Analyzers and with Series
541XXA, 540XXA, and 54XXA Scalar Measurement
Systems for making coaxial transmission loss or
gain and power measurements. The detectors are
also used with the Site Master and Cable Mate Series
Personal SWR/RL and Fault Location Testers
for making power measurements.

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This manual provides descriptions and specifications
for ANRITSU Series 560-7XXX and
5400-71XXX RF Detectors (Figure 1). It also contains
procedures for field replacement of detector diodes
in the model 5400-71B50 and 5400-71B75 RF
detectors and most of the Series 560-7XXX RF detectors.

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