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Analogic AN2577 Digital Multimeter
Modell: AN2577
Datum: 1979
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Digital Multimeter
Beschreibung: 4 3/4- Digit DIGITAL PANEL INSTRUMENT
                                    The AN2577 is a premium performance 4 3/4-digit digital
panel instrument
which enhances Analogic’s broad line of high performance
digital panel instruments. The full scale readout (±39999
count) provides
a resolution of ±0.0025% with a guaranteed accuracy of
±0.005%. The input amplifier has a bipolar differential
input circuit
with an input impedance of 1000000000 ohms. It is protected
against overvoltages
up to ± 100 volts. The AN2577 is offered with either of two
full-scale ranges: the ± 3.9999-volt range provides
100µV/count sensitivity;
the ±399.99 millivolt range provides a 10µV/count sensitivity.
The 3-phase, dual-slope A/D converter includes an automatic zero
feature for long-term accuracy. The “ unknown” integration
period is
optimized to yield a Normal Mode Rejection Ratio (NMRR) in
of 90dB. The entire input amplifier and A/D converter are
(floated) up to ±300 volts with respect to digital ground.
This level of
isolation yields a Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) of up to
The digital portion includes the drivers for the large LED
red, planar
display, and several status and control lines. Control
signal inputs
are included to BLANK the display, HOLD the last value, TEST the
display, and to select the decimal point location. The
AN2577 may be
externally triggered for up to 10 conversions per second. Status
signals include converter STATUS and OVERRANGE. The standard
AN2577 includes a universal ac power supply for either 110Vac or
220Vac ± 20%, from 50 to 500Hz (@ 2.7 Watts). The power
supply provides
up to 1400 volts dc or ac peak isolation between the digital
ground and ac power line, and between the analog ground and ac
power line.

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