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Analogic AN2574 Digital Multimeter
Modell: AN2574
Datum: 1978
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Digital Multimeter
                                    The Analogic model AN2574 is a high accuracy, high
performance 4½
digit (±19999 counts) digital panel instrument. Features
such as a gigaohm
differential input, microvolt sensitivity, and programmable
BCD outputs, place this high quality precision instrument
into a class by
Three power options including 110VAC, 220VAC and +5VDC, and
ranges o f ±1.9999 Volts or ±199.99mV make the AN2574
applicable. Instrumentation features include a unique,
guarded and
isolated analog front end with common mode rejection ratios
(CMRR) as
high as 140dB, an auto-zeroed input circuit for long-term
stability, FET
input circuitry with low (picoAmp) input bias current and
high (gigaohm)
input resistance, and an optimized signal-enhancement filter
which maximizes
rejection of normal mode interference signals while
providing input
over-voltage protection of more than 100V. Serial and
TRI-STATE BCD outputs provide the utmost versatility and
satisfy virtually
all instrumentation requirements.
The displays are designed for maximum readability. Up close,
several feet
away, or off at an angle, the five large (.43") red LED
digits are bright,
clear, crisp and free from glare and interpretation problems
even under
high ambient light conditions. When an input overload
condition occurs,
all five digits are automatically blanked to prevent an
erroneous reading;
however, the polarity sign and decimal point remain
displayed to show
that the instrument is working properly.

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Analogic -- AN2574 -- Datenblatt
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