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Analogic AN 2573 Zähler
Modell: AN 2573
Datum: 1979
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Zähler
Beschreibung: Digital Rate Indicator
                                    The AN2573 is an industrial grade, user
programmable digital rate indicator
capable of measuring RPM, inches per
sec., liters per min., cycles per sec., feet
per sec., bottles per min., and more. Due
to the unique “Digitally Programmable
Charge Pump Technique” the instrument
accommodates virtually any transducer
input signal from pulse inputs such as
cam-driven microswitches or photo cells,
to sinewave inputs from tachometers,
flow meters and many other rate transducers.
Concealed, yet front panel accessible
microswitches provide all programming
without special tools or operator
training. Versatility is further enhanced
by the programmable pulse output, which
is ideal for totalizers and counters and by
the analog output, which can be used for
remote readout or strip chart recorders.
In addition, a full complement of digital
interface lines from latched and buffered
parallel BCD to status, control and
“ handshaking” signals are provided—for
processor, printer or comparator interfacing.

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