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Analogic AN2559 Digital Multimeter
Modell: AN2559
Datum: 1979
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Digital Multimeter
                                    The Analogic AN2559 is the first, value-added, 3 3/4-digit,
3999-count DPI featuring
builtin versatility and flexibility . It comprises a basic,
universally powered digital
panel instrument with standardized connectors into which an
ever-expanding library
of special- and general-purpose plug-in PC cards can be
readily field-inserted and
interchanged without any DPI modifications. Consequently, a
single AN2559 can
accomplish custom or standard analog input signal
conditioning and digital output
interfacing to fulfill a seemingly unlimited range, of
commercial, industrial, and
laboratory instrumentation applications. By stocking only
the AN2559, most OEM
users can satisfy all of the the 3 3/4-digit DPI requirements.
Versatility in the AN2559 includes an internal power and
signal interface connector
that accepts a general-purpose plug-in card upon which the
user can install proprietary
analog-interface circuits, or Analogic can add
special-purpose circuits during
manufacture, whichever is more economical. Typical
analog-interface functions
that can be provided are: ac and dc current measurements,
extended range ac and
dc voltage measurements, active multiple filtering,
optimized signal filtering,
thermocouple or RTD temperature transducer conditioning, LVD
T excitation and
demodulation, frequency-to-voltage conversion, cur rent
sourcing, auto-ranging, and
very high impedance buffering. All with ±3999-count resolution.
Power and space are provided in the AN2559 to accommodate an
optional digital
circuit card for such value-added features as isolated
and/or buffered parallel BCD
outputs, digital linearization, and set-point control.
Again, these features can be
incorporated by the user, or for OEM quantities, engineered
and installed by
Analogic. Since the basic AN2559 design is so widely
flexible and adaptable, it
decisively offers more value-added application possibilities
than any competitive

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