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Aeroflex 3500A Test Set
Modell: 3500A
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Test Set
Beschreibung: Portable Radio Communications Test Set
• 2 MHz - 1 GHz operation
• AM/FM transmitter and receiver tests
• Spectrum analyzer with < -136 dBm noise
• Oscilloscope
• Antenna/cable tests
And now available in release 3.3.1
• DCS decode
• DTMF encode/decode
• Frequency find
• Audio level meter
• Hold operation with screen save
Introducing the Aeroflex 3500A, the First Truly
Rugged, Portable Radio Test Set.
With the latest in portability, battery life and
performance, the Aeroflex 3500A builds upon
Aeroflex's expertise in developing portable radio
communications test sets with exclusive features
and affordability that are destined to set a new
standard in portable radio test sets. Designed to
meet the needs of a multitude of radio tests, the
3500A provides fast, reliable measurements of the
radio's transmitter and receiver parameters. With
the additional capability to perform quick testing
of antennas and cables, the 3500A provides the
most complete portable test solution available to
quickly isolate problems and assess performance
of the radio, cable and antenna systems.

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