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Aeroflex IFR 2968 Test Set
Modell: IFR 2968
Datum: 2003
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Test Set
Beschreibung: TETRA Radio Test Set

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IFR 2968 Frequently Asked Questions

TETRA is a complex system with many features and a high degree
of customisation to suit the requirements of individual networks
and groups of end users. The IFR 2968 is therefore a complex
product providing configuration to match the mobiles and base
stations under test and supporting the diversity of features and
operational behaviour. Inevitably the IFR 2968 requires some
familiarisation and experience in order to achieve the greatest
benefit from it. Further, since TETRA is a relatively new
some of the test methods and TETRA terminology may be unfamiliar
to new users. This application note aims to distil IFR's
experience with testing TETRA mobiles and base stations to
assist IFR 2968 customers. Note that the term 'mobile' is
used as
a generic term throughout this application note to mean a radio
terminal, whether vehicle mounted or hand portable.
This application note contains details and examples of certain
procedures, but it is not a substitute for the IFR 2968
manuals. You should ensure that you have obtained and read the
latest versions of these manuals relevant to the software
in your IFR 2968. For full operating details please refer to
the following
publications - these are the latest versions and are relevant
to the latest Phase 3.2 software in the IFR 2968:

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