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Leader Option 77 Signal Analyzer
Modell: Option 77
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Signal Analyzer
Beschreibung: Dual Link Module
                                    First to introduce and implement a Dual Link monitoring
solution for the production/acquisition and post production
markets, Leader has been providing Dual Link solutions to
the emerging HDTV based feature film production since
2003. Our most recent introduction, our OP77 Dual Link
option, is a new SDI input module that adds compliance
to HD-SDI Dual Link formats as per SMPTE 372M. OP77
provides separate, dedicated A and B inputs (with
reclocked outputs) for Dual Link monitoring on the LV
5700A; leaving the standard built-in HD-SDI inputs available
for traditional SDI monitoring.
Waveform, vector and status/data dump screens are
available for Dual Link monitoring and they represent a
combination of BOTH links; all of the facilities of the LV
5700A can be used to monitor Dual Link systems. A picture
display as well as embedded audio monitoring is also
provided (Link A only).

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