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Leader Option 75 Signal Analyzer
Modell: Option 75
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Signal Analyzer
Beschreibung: AES/EBU Digital Audio Module (8 Channels)
                                    The LV 5700A Multi-SDI monitor is provided with audio
monitoring, measurement and data analysis capabilities for
embedded AES/EBU monitoring (audio is disembedded
and output via 4 BNC connectors; 8 channels, as standard).
Facilities using separate (non-embedded) AES/EBU audio
will need to use the OP75 External AES/EBU Inputs option
in order to monitor external AES/EBU. All of the embedded
audio measurement, monitoring and analysis abilities of the
LV 5700A are also available for monitoring external AES/
EBU using the OP75.
Option 75 adds monitoring and display for 8-channels of
AES/EBU digital audio inputs. Surround sound image,
lissajous, bar graphs and digital levels are displayed. An
on-screen display indicates if the embedded audio is
synchronous with the external AES/EBU input audio and
shows lock/unlock or no signal. A speaker is also included
to allow monitoring of the selected channel.

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