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Keithley 7072 Interface
Modell: 7072
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Interface
Beschreibung: Semiconductor Matrix Card
                                    The Model 7072 Semiconductor Matrix Card is designed
specifically to handle
low-level and high- impedance measurements encountered in
parametric tests on wafers and devices. This unique design
provides two lowcurrent
circuits with specified 1pA maximum offset current for
sensitive subpicoamp
measurement resolution, and two C-V paths for measurement of
Capacitance Voltage characteristics from DC to 1MHz. Four
additional highquality
signal paths with <20pA offset current provide for
signal switching up to 100nA or 200V.
Connections are 3-lug triax with the outer shell connected
to chassis for safety
and noise shielding. The center conductor is fully
surrounded by the inner
conducting shield, so that fully guarded measurements can be
made to
achieve higher isolation and to improve measurement speed
and accuracy.
Isolation relays on the low-current and C-V paths
automatically disconnect
unused circuits to achieve minimum interference and peak
performance. The
707A or 708A mainframe allows each row (signal path) to be
programmed for
Break-Before-Make or Make-Before-Break operation.

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