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Keithley 179-20A Digital Multimeter
Modell: 179-20A
Datum: 1978
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Digital Multimeter
                                    1-1. INTRODUCTION. The Models 179 and 179-20A are versatile
digital multimeters useful for measurement of ac and dc
voltage, ac and dc current and resistance. The Model 179-20A
is Identical to the Model 179 except for an added 20-ampere
range. This extra range uses separate input terminals and
allows continuous measurement of up to 15A ac/dc, or
intermittent duty measurements up to 20A ac/dc. The Model
179-20A is treated by the exception method In this manual.
That is, information headed by Model 179-20A applies only to
the Model 179-20A. Information headed by Model 179 is common
to both the Model 179 and the Model 179-20A. Ranges and
accuracies for both models are listed in the Table of
Specifications on page v. Ranges and functions are selected
with front panel pushbuttons. The decimal point is also
positioned by the selected range pushbutton. Polarity of the
measured signal Is automatically displayed.

1-2. WARRANTY INFORMATION. The Warranty Is given on the
Inside front cover of this Instruction Manual. If there Is a
need to exercise the Warranty, contact the Keithley
Representative in your area to determine the proper action
to be taken. Keithley maintains service, facilities in the
United Kingdom and West Germany, as well as in the United
States. Check, the inside front cover of the Instruction
Manual for addresses.

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