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Keithley 6514 Digital Multimeter
Modell: 6514
Datum: 1999
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Digital Multimeter
Beschreibung: 6½-digit high-performance system electrometer
                                    Model 6514 is a 6½-digit high-performance system
electrometer. It can measure voltage, current,
resistance and charge. Details on its measurement
capabilities are explained in Section 2 of
this manual (see “Measurement Overview”).
Features of Model 6514 System Electrometer include:
• Setup storage — Five instrument setups (three user, GPIB
defaults and factory defaults)
can be saved and recalled.
• mX+b and percent — These calculations provide mathematical
manipulation of
• Relative — Null offsets or establish baseline values.
• Buffer — Store up to 2500 readings in the internal buffer.
• Limits — Set up to two stages of high and low reading
limits to test devices.
• Digital I/O port — Four output lines and one input line to
control external circuitry. Use
as an interface between limit tests and component handler.
• Analog outputs — Provides a 2V analog output for a full
range input. Preamp out provides
a driven guard for Volts, or can be used for external
feedback measurements.
• External feedback — Extends the measurement capabilities
of the electrometer; logarithmic
currents, non-decade current ranges and non-standard charge
• Remote interface — Model 6514 can be controlled using the
IEEE-488 interface
(GPIB) or the RS-232 interface.
• GPIB programming language — When using the GPIB, the
instrument can be programmed
using the SCPI or DDC programming language.

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