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Keithley 228A Stromquelle
Modell: 228A
Datum: 1984
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Stromquelle
Beschreibung: Voltage / Current Source
                                    The Model 228 Voltage/Current Source is both a constant
voltage and constant current source with front panel and
IEEE operation. The Model 228 can be used as a constant
voltage source or a constant current source. It has four
quadrant operation. This means that the voltage or current
sources can operate as a source or a sink in either positive
or negative polarities. Full power capability of 100W may be
obtained in any quadrant.
Parameter entry is done in one of two ways. Either using the
data keypad to enter the desired value into the display or
using the display modify function. The display modify
function allows the user to modify either display by
selecting a digit of the display and incrementing or
decrementing that digit with the appropriate keys. With the
carry, borrow and autorepeat capability, front panel
operation is flexible and easy to program. The user selects
the range with the decimal point.

The Model 228 has a 100 point data memory that allows the
user to store up to 100 unique values of current, voltage
and dwell time for future use. Once a particular level is
stored in the data memory, the user need not reprogram that

The output terminals are located on a quick disconnect board
that inserts into the rear panel of the mainframe. The
output is disconnected from the quick disconnect board when
it is removed from the mainframe.

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Quick Reference Guide
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Application and Reference Guide

This booklet has been written to help the user understand
the operation and specifications of the Model 228
Voltage/Current Source. The chapters in this booklet have
been written to aid the user in some applications. Terms
relating to the V/I source such as: stability, line
regulation, load regulation and sensing are defined in the
glossary. For a complete explanation of the instrument
including front panel controls and IEEE-488 bus operation
refer to the Model 228 Instruction Manual (Document Number
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