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Keithley 7999-2 Interface
Modell: 7999-2
Datum: 1999
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Interface
Beschreibung: Three-Pole Multiplexer Card
                                    The Model 7999-2 is a three-pole multiplexer card with the
following features:
• One bank of 3:1 multiplexer 3-pole switching
• One bank of 4:1 multiplexer 3-pole switching
• External relay control and +24V DC power connections
• Lemo style connectors for multiplexer input/output and
common connections
• Low insertion loss for audio frequencies (<0.1dB up to 20kHz)

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Dokument-ID/Nummer: 7999-2-901-01
Datum: September 1999
Qualität: Gescanntes Dokument, alles ist lesbar.
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