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Keithley 7074 Interface
Modell: 7074
Datum: 2001
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Interface
Beschreibung: General Purpose Multiplexer Card
                                    The Model 7074 General Purpose Multiplexer Card consists of
eight banks of 1 x 12 multiplexers that can be configured in
various combinations. Three-pole switching (HI, LO, guard)
is provided for any of the 96 inputs.
The Model 7074 is available with either dry or
mercury-wetted reed relays. The dry-reed version (Model
7074-D) has lower thermal offset performance, while the
mercury-wetted version (Model 7074-M) offers minimal contact
bounce for and constant contact resistance over life.
Throughout this manual, Model 7074 is used to refer to both
versions unless otherwise indicated.
Key features of the Model 7074 include:
•	Easy jumper configuration of single, dual, quad, or octal
multiplexer banks.

•	Each of the eight multiplexer banks can be connected to
the 3-pole general-purpose backplane pathways with
user-installed jumpers, allowing simple internal connections
to the rows of those matrix cards.

•	Five mass-termination receptacles located on the rear
panel for quick-disconnect input and output connections

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