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Keithley 6517 Analog Multimeter
Modell: 6517
Datum: 1996
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Analog Multimeter
Beschreibung: Electrometer/High Resistance Meter
                                    Some important Model 6517A features include:
• Full range of functions — Exceptional sensitivity and
accuracy for voltage, current, charge, and V/I resistance
and resistivity (surface and volume) measurements.
With the Models 6517-RH and 6517-TP, relative
humidity and external temperature can be measured.
• Voltage source — The internal 1000V V-Source can be
configured with the ammeter to make V/I resistance/resistivity
measurements, and to force voltage, measure
• Two-line display — Readings and front panel messages
are provided on the top line (primary) 20-character, and
bottom line (secondary) 32-character alphanumeric display.
The multiple display provides supplemental information
about the reading, such as min/max readings,
bar graphs for the reading, and time and date.
• Reading and setup storage — Readings and setup data
can be stored and recalled from memory. Over 15,000
readings can be stored in the buffer, and up to 10 instrument
setups can be stored in memory.
• Test sequences — Built-in tests for the following
device characterization, resistivity, high resistance/
resistivity (alternating polarity method), surface
insulation resistance, and voltage sweeps.
• GPIB interface — Accommodates two separate languages
for IEEE-488 operation. The SCPI language
conforms to the IEEE-488.2 and SCPI standards. The
617 emulation mode (DDC language) allows the instrument
to be controlled using device-dependent command
• RS-232 interface — The instrument can instead be controlled
over this serial interface using SCPI commands.
• Talk-only mode — From the front panel, you can set the
instrument to send readings to a printer. Talk-only is
available over both the GPIB and RS-232 interfaces.
• Scanning — The Model 6517A has an option slot that
will accommodate an optional scanner card (Models
6521 and 6522). The instrument can also be configured
to operate with an external switching system (i.e., Model
7001 or 7002) to scan external channels.
• Trigger link — This is a new trigger concept that provides
more versatile and precise external triggering. It
is in addition to the standard Trigger In/Meter Complete
Out BNC external triggering techniques.
• Digital calibration — The instrument may be digitally
calibrated from either the front panel, or over the RS-
232 interface or GPIB bus (SCPI language).

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References to the Model 6517 also apply to the Model 6517A.

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All references to the Model 6517 also apply to the Model 6517A.

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