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Keithley 640 Analog Multimeter
Modell: 640
Datum: 1967
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Analog Multimeter
Beschreibung: Capacitor Electrometer
                                    1-1. GENERAL. The Model 640 Vibrating Capacitor Electrometer
i3 an ultra-stable, solid-state microvolt electrometer.

a.	As a Microvoltmeter. When used as a microvoltmeter, the
Model 640 has an input resistance greater than 1016 ohms
with thirteen ranges from 30 microvolts full scale to 30 volts.

b.	As a Picoammeter. When used with the built-in,
high-megohm SHUNT RESISTORS, the instrument has twenty two
ranges from 10“^ ampere full scale to 3 x 10"-* ampere.

c.	As a Coulombmeter. By switching an accurate guarded
capacitor in the feedback loop the instrument is useful as a
coulombmeter or current integrating amplifier. In the
CURRENT INTEGRATE mode the instrument has ten ranges from 2
x 10? coulomb full scale to 6 x 10? coulomb,

d.	As an Amplifier. The analog OUTPUT permits use of the
instrument as a very stable, variable gain amplifier.

a.	Excellent Stability. A stability specified at better than
5 x 10? ampere/day is useful for mass spectrometer,
resistivity, and ion chamber measurements .

b.	Remote Input Head. A compact Remote Input preamplifier
permits convenient set up of an experiment.

c.	High Input Impedance. Guarding plus the use of sapphire
insulation provides an input resistance greater than 10^
ohms shunted by less than 2 picofarads .

d.	Battery or Line Operation. A choice of battery or line
operation permits complete isolation (in battery mode) from
power line when required.

e.	Built-In Shunt'Resistors. Four high-megohm shunt
resistors can be switch selected (Input Head) for shunt or
feedback current measurements.

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